Sonja Meekel

Sonja’s background is experienced and extensive. She started her career as a Design Structural Engineer and developed her career in Consulting Engineering and Project Management. Working for companies such as ABM Europe, White Young Green and Balzar Engineering, Sonya has been responsible for not alone the Design, Engineering and Project Management of projects, but also the management and coordination of numerous teams. Eight years ago she moved into the area of Lecturing and Specialist Training and now lecturers at Dublin Institute of Technology Dublin, where she specialises in a number of areas.

Sonya will speaking at Connect17 in Learning Lounge 1 on Tuesday 17th October with her presentation ‘The Fundamental Sales Competency’

See below for a sneak peak of some of the key learnings you can expect from Sonya’s discussion:


When reduced to its single dynamic, buying and selling is an information exchange. The buyer provides the seller with information about his or her needs; the seller processes that information, and offers the buyer information about a solution to satisfy these needs.

The fundamental competency in which salespeople must achieve mastery is Communication. Communicating in sales means asking the right questions, listening, and explaining the value of a solution to the buyer.
What are you doing today to create value for your customers and your company?

“Take aways”

  • The mastery of Communication
  • The art and importance of Probing
  • Understanding your unique value