Fiona Brennan

Fiona Brennan

Fiona Brennan is a nationally acclaimed Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified NLP practitioner is based in central Dublin. She frequently appears in the national media on issues of anxiety, emotional eating and mental health and is fast becoming recognised as Ireland’s leading voice in the world of hypnotherapy and an ambassador of positivity. She writes regularly for the acclaimed mental health website run by Bressie – Fiona has transformed the lives of many people who exhibit behavioural based issues.

Fiona will be speaking in learning lounge 1 on the 18th October, presenting her topic:

‘The Positive Habit. How to achieve an Olympian Mind-set.’

During her talk Fiona will discuss the five top methods athletes and world leaders use to create successful lives. You will learn practical techniques to train your brain to perform at its optimum level so that you can reach your full positive potential.


  1. Passion – Finding Your Greater Purpose. – The power to visualise your full potential.


  1. Compassion – Why Compassion for yourself and others leads to a winning mind-set. Techniques to feel calm when you are stressed.


  1. Failure doesn’t exist – How to view every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Exercise to help you create ‘The Positive Habit’.


  1. Happiness Creates Success rather than success creates happiness – Take the pressure off and achieve more.


  1. Resilience – How to develop grit and the power of moving forward one step at a time.