Declan Coyle

The Green Platform

Take control of your life and be your OWN game changer.

Declan is a director of Andec and one of Ireland’s most internationally experienced Leadership Training & Development consultants. He is also much sought after as a Conference Keynote speaker. He has delivered specialist programmes on leadership, management, sales and organisational development to clients in Ireland, the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Hungary, Ukraine, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, China and Australia. Married to Annette Kinne from Australia, he has three children, Genevieve, Fionn and Alexander.

His unique use of tools such as NLP to focus Leadership Teams on personal and company goals to maintain consistently high levels of motivation and success is underpinned by harnessing the unique power of individual personality styles using the Enneagram Model. He combines this with the Red & Green Platform System he developed that has revolutionised leadership and coaching thinking and performance in companies where he has worked.


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