Smarter Marketing for Your Event. What you need to know.



Marino Fresch, Marketing Director Ireland & UK, Eventbrite
Marino is an experienced online marketer and e-commerce professional with over 15 years’ experience defining marketing and web strategies, and executing strong online marketing that has a proven, measurable impact to customers. Before he joined Eventbrite, he worked with leading brands including, eBay, Expedia, Eurostar, Ryanair, John Lewis and BMW. Marino holds an MBA from Cornell University.

key learnings

  • Practical tips, hacks and advice on marketing your event smarter.
  • How to use data to use your marketing budget more efficiently. 
  • Why the conversion rate is your single most important figure, and how you can tweak it to sell more tickets.

October 17 @ 15:15


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Marino Fresch