Event Safety


Mark is Director of Safe Events as well as Cuckoo Events based in Dublin, Ireland. He is an award-winning event Safety Officer and one of the most experienced and qualified Crowd & Event Safety practitioners in Ireland. He works internationally and domestically, with recent projects including a large Arts Festival in Saudi Arabia and work on consultancy projects for a large international airport and a European arena. He is a Specialist Member of IIRSM, as well as being a member of IOSH, EPS, IFEA and ESA.
Mark writes and speaks regularly on all things event-related, particularly Crowd & Event Safety. He holds a specialist Spectator Safety Management qualification as well as a Diploma in Crowd Science. Mark is a Graduate Member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in PR & Event Management. He is currently working on his dissertation for the MSc in Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis in Manchester Metropolitan University.

3 Key Takeaways

  • 1. Key safety considerations for ALL types of events
  • The most common safety issues at events and how to avoid them
  • The DIM-ICE Meta-Model – a simple tool to help you run safer events

October 17 @ 14:30


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Mark Breen