Jameson Bow Street

There’s a new story in town that’s over 230 years old. Jameson Distillery Bow St. recently re-opened following a major refurbisment and there’s a mouthwatering experiential menu from which to taste…

Jameson Distillery Bow St. is where the story of the world’s most renowned whiskey began. John Jameson founded the Smithfield distillery in 1780, and while much has changed, many of his original structures still stand on this storied patch of land. As well as being a highlight of Dublin’s tourism trail, Jameson Distillery Bow St. is fast becoming the go-to place for locals to enjoy a Jameson – not to mention the behind-the-scenes experiences to choose from! In the distillery, whiskey is never far from the conversation, with a range of interactive, fun and immersive experiences that incorporate the famous spirit…

Bow St. Experience: Bringing the Jameson Story to life

The flagship Bow St. Experience combines great storytelling with hands-on activities and superb visual effects. Discover how John Jameson’s focus on the highest quality ingredients, triple distillation process, and constant innovation resulted in an exceptionally smooth whiskey that is celebrated and enjoyed all around the globe. Of course, they let the whiskey do a bit of the storytelling with a comparative tasting as part of the experience. Specially crafted Jameson cocktails in JJ’s Bar are the next order of business, where you’ll enjoy a glass or two of Jameson — neat, on the rocks, or however you fancy.

The Whiskey Makers: Blend Your Own

While Jameson’s master Whiskey Makers have dedicated their lives to the craft, for those who don’t have that much time, there’s a crash course! On a ninety minute full-sensory experience, you’ll enjoy a private tasting experience that includes the three whiskeys that make up the Whiskey Makers Series: Distiller’s Safe, Cooper’s Croze and Blender’s Dog.

Hosted by a Jameson Ambassador, you’ll learn how to recognise the ingredients, craft and flavour profiles of each whiskey. Then you’ll get to blend your own whiskey to bring home and proudly display in your drinks cabinet!

The Whiskey Shakers: Unleash your inner mixologist

Enjoy a good cocktail? The Whiskey Shakers experience is a time for mixology, immersing you in the world of Jameson whiskeys and the cocktails they have inspired. Hosted by a skilled Jameson bartender, you will explore the history, ingredients and recipes behind both classic and brand new Jameson cocktails. In the Shakers’ Room you’ll be provided with all of the professional bar tools and ingredients required to turn the recipes into masterpieces.

Bottle Your Own

At the Distillery, you can fill your own bottle of cask strength Jameson Black Barrel, straight from a live bourbon barrel and personalise the label by hand!

JJ’s Bar

At the heart of the distillery is JJ’s Bar, home turf for the bartenders who have perfected every imaginable way you could serve the full Jameson whiskey family. JJ’s also offers a stellar seasonal drinks menu that marries classics with modern, innovative bartending.

Draw Whiskey From A Barrel

Both Makers & Shakers experiences include a visit to a live Maturation Warehouse, where you’ll learn about the Angel’s Share and get the rare opportunity to draw – and taste – whiskey straight from a Jameson cask. Magic!