Willie Horton

Willie Horton

Everything’s about making the right connections – in business or pleasure, with your Team, colleagues, friends, loved ones, customers and clients (real or desired!) – how you connect makes all the difference.    But to really connect – to make an impact – you need to be focused.  And psychology is crystal-clear in telling us that we’re wired to not focus.  Instead, evolution has seen to it that our brains are “wired” to simply make it through the day!

To connect you need to be present – just like really impressive people have “presence” – but research confirms that actually we’re all over the place, missing in action – missing the important connections that could make business and life so much easier… effortless.

That’s where I come in!   I enable people focus.  It’s something anyone can learn and do.  I’ve been doing it for over twenty years – having enjoyed accounting, practicing tax and banking, I found the psychology of success a little more exciting!  But focus is just one piece of a two-piece jigsaw – the other bit is just as important.  When you’re properly focused, your “rewired” brain will enable you do just what you need to do to get to where you want to go… that’s the second piece of the jigsaw – you need know where you want to go.  We’re not talking about ordinary goal-setting – your subconscious mind needs more.  But, once equipped with those two pieces, business, life, health and happiness simply “flow” (to quote the University of Chicago).

Once in flow or “in the zone”, you’re at your best when it matters and, because you never know when you’re going to bump into your next most important connection, you need to be always at your best… that’s what my talk (Educate at Eight at Connect17 on the 17th of October) is all about.  And, when you start working your way around the Connect Showcase Exhibition, you’ll no longer be wandering around aimlessly or just paying attention to what you think you’re interested in, you’ll be oh so focused, oh so tuned in, alert, alive to all the possibilities and opportunities.  That’s what life and business is really all about.

I’m coming down from the French Alps for Connect17!   I’m from Dublin – still love it – but have been living in France for fifteen years.  From my home near Geneva, I travel Europe and the US working with leaders in multi-nationals, business owners and leadership teams, enabling them develop their focus and set the kind of goals that would make you want to leap out of bed every morning.

So, when we all get together in October, perhaps, just perhaps, Connect17 will be where you connect with yourself first and, then, make those connections that will transform everything and take you to where you want to go in business in particular and life in general.