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Welcome from Paul Kelly, CEO Fáilte Ireland


Gina London, Emmy award-winning veteran CNN anchor. Strategic Advisor, Fuzion Communications

How to Communicate in Order to Grow Your Business to New Heights

It doesn’t matter if you have the best service or product if you can’t tell your story about it in a compelling, dynamic way.  Award-winning former CNN anchor and international campaign strategist reveals unparalleled strategies and techniques you need to create AND deliver your own unique story on multiple platforms to really connect with customers.

Key Learnings

  1. ABC’s = Appearance, Behaviour, Content
  2. Powerful and Memorable Story-telling
  3. CEOs and Spokespeople who can Stand and Deliver with Confidence

Clare Dillon – Technology Evangelist

Digital Transformation: How the Latest Technology Trends Will Change the World of Conferencing

With accelerated innovation happening in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and Mixed/Artificial Reality (to name a few) – hear how these trends may impact the world of conferencing.

Key learnings:

  1. An introduction to the technology trends driving the 4th Industrial Revolution
  2. How these trends will revolutionise attendee experiences
  3. Top tips on staying ahead of the curve

Willie Horton, Founder – The Psychology of Success Workshop and

Being at Your Best When It Matters Most

Evolution has seen to it that we’re “wired” to make it through the day… our Number 1 Priority 10,000 years ago!  Sadly, our ability to focus is the major casualty – cognitive psychology and neuroscience tell us that we’re “wired” to not focus and, worse, “wired” for stress.  So, in the 21st century, our minds are often working against us, when we need them most.

Willie Horton will explore and explain “the psychology of success” – what modern science tells us about how we can manage our minds so that they work for us, when it matters most… we’ll be talking about purposeful focus!

Key learnings:

  • How to Focus – How to Be “In the Zone”
  • How to Subconsciously Set Your Goals – So You Expect Them to Happen
  • How to Know When It Matters Most!

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Philip Davies, President – Siegal+Gale

Why Simple is Smart

Brands that embrace the power of simplicity tend to be the winners, breaking through to capture and maintain consumers’ attention and loyalty. Simplicity, is possibly the most valuable strategy any brand serious about success can deploy. When properly applied, it serves a purpose: it helps us make choices, saves time, minimises debate and ultimately drives the bottom line.

Simple isn’t easy but it’s worth it.

Key learnings:

  1. How you can use simplicity as a business tool to unlock the potential in your company
  2. Examples of some of the latest brand philosophies, strategies and techniques being adopted by today’s most successful organisations.
  3. Adding value rather than complexity

Abigail E. Disney, Award-winning filmmaker, philanthropist, CEO & President of Fork Films

Life and Times of a Disney


David Adler, CEO and Founder BizBash

The Relevance of Events in a Connected World

With new technologies emerging on a daily basis, how do you cut through the clutter to get your message across? Is face-to-face interaction more effective than a digital experience? Listen as David Adler, C.E.O. and founder of BizBash ( – the premier resource for event and meeting professionals – uncovers the relevance of events in a connected world. Discover the importance of live experiences, the power of conversation, and new tools and platforms to amplify your brand, allowing for a seamless experience both in person and online.

Gina London, Emmy award-winning veteran CNN anchor. Strategic Adviser, Fuzion Communications

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Learn one of life’s biggest secrets and how to master your own destiny in one simple step

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How to effectively drive your company growth by creating unforgettable customer experiences

How to connect in a world driven by ever changing technology and trends for implementation

How to accelerate your performance and become an effective leader

How brands who embrace simplicity enjoy increased revenue and brand advocacy

Transform your future

Start your journey of discovery as you hear from some of the world’s most inspirational minds.


who should attend?

Business owners, leaders, innovators, marketers and brander managers, event managers, EAs, PAs, entrepreneurs, founders, students, educators, digital professionals, thought leaders, decision makers, influencers – anyone who wants to advance their understanding of high performance, leadership, being memorable and understanding what the customer really wants.

This year the Connect conference will increase its industry focus, discussing proven frameworks that drive transformation and accelerate success. You will hear success stories from leaders across numerous sectors and engage in discussion on current trends and best practice.
At the Connect Conference, we’ll have more content than ever for administrators of all experience levels. Join us to participate in the keynote sessions discover opportunities to learn, connect, and be inspired. You'll get insights into best practices, tips and tricks and much more.
Sales professionals must be able to sell smarter and faster in today’s competitive market. Under this year’s theme – High performance and Business Leadership you will find out how you can execute your techniques and take your Sales career to the next level. A talk on the ‘psychology of success’ by Willie Horton will teach you how to deliberately put yourself in the zone so that purposeful focus will become your new everyday state of mind
Now more than ever consumers are looking for more from the products and services they engage with and seek out meaningful experiences. At Connect we showcase the newest and most unique offerings available to our visitors. Come and be inspired by some of the most truly innovative and exciting projects happening now.
A key note speech from David Adler of BizBash will discuss the importance of events in a world that is so connected. This is one not to miss.
Whether your business is just starting out or you’re hoping to grow to the next level, the Connect Conference is the event to help you discover the path to success. As this year’s theme is High performance and Business Leadership you can listen to experts in the field of sales, branding, the psychology of success and the execution of events. You will have the opportunity to hear from Philip Davies of Siegal & Gale, an expert on inspiring change across organisations and delivering competitive advantage.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a partner, or a developer interested in building a business, join us at the Connect Conference to learn how to build and grow faster with advice from leading experts. Our impressive panel will show you what it takes to build a successful business and reputation. High performance and Business Leadership will be the catalyst to getting your business of the ground.
At the Connect Conference you will join other non-profits and leading companies to hear insights from industry experts. Collaborating with leaders and innovators will help to solve some your most challenging problems. Through these helpful insights you’ll leverage ideas and best practice solutions to revolutionise how you connect with donors, volunteers and staff. Find out how to transform your non-profit, no matter what the size.
An opportunity to raise your profile and network with your global community of peers. Access to a highly curated programme with world class speakers discussing high performance and leadership topics such as the psychology of success, harnessing the unique power of individual personality styles and the latest technology trends.


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